Site Plans

Updating this site will take a good sweet while. This is probably for the best, because if I wasn’t doing this late at night I’d be headed to the local sports bar to spend money I don’t have, or perusing web sites FAR more interesting than this one.  Like this one.

(Boys, we’re going to have to wait a few minutes while all the ADD coaches follow that link and a few others before they wind their way back here… All aboard again? OK.)

In fact, working on this at night will probably reduce my late night Internet movie viewing by 80% or more. You know… there are just SO many football videos on YouTube. What did you think I was talking about?

Across the top of this area I envision a menu that has some of the basic stuff that a coach might want to review when he first discovers YOF.  YOF is the shorthand name that I’ve given this dung heap, because programmers abbreviate everything.*  Pronounce it Y O F please, with each letter enunciated. Sure that’s three syllables, but Youth Option Football is five, so we’re saving 40%, and sounding much more sophisticated.

*The first programming project I ever worked on was a medical software package for doctor’s offices. We wrote it in Clipper (a compilable dBase dialect) and stored the project in a directory named MedPkg. So in the shop we called it The MedPackage. When it came time to name the thing in order to take it to market, I said just call it MedPackage. But no, no, no, we had to hire a consultant that we couldn’t afford who did a ‘marketing study’ and determined that Vision would be a great name. Vision was actually a very sucky name, and the company that wrote it went out of business and I lost my job. So if this site ever becomes, now you’ll know why.

I’m working on that top menu doo-hickey now. (If you’re not a programmer, a doo-hickey is an actual thingamajig. If you are a programmer, what the hell are you doing reading this site? Get back to work, java boy.)

By clicking the Home menu item, you’ll get to the current post. (A post, Coach Bubba, is the crap that I’m writing at that moment. Each new piece of crap is another post.) The Home area will be reserved for whatever I’m thinking about at the time, or have noticed that day. Many, many days can go by where I don’t notice a single thing. Or at least, that is what my wife says is happening – I wouldn’t know of course, thus sadly and irrefutably proving her point.

I did that Welcome! link just so you’d know exactly what manner of ill-advised wisdom and ideas you were probably going to find on this site. I mean, who the hell do I think I am, anyway?  See? You and I agree already.

Basic Counting runs through an awful lot of what I have to say, about football anyway. So when I write a post about why we double the #3 guy on so many option plays, you’ll have an idea of what I’m talking about if you’ve read the page under that menu item.

I’m working now on the next menu item that will be called First Option. It’s just a description of the first option play that we teach. It will have two videos!

That will be followed by Second Option, Third Option, and finally Fourth Option. I realize this enumeration of option plays will also represent a sort of a quirky double entendre,  and for that, you are welcome. I do love me some of them there adionoetas. They’s cute.

Those are my ill-conceived plans for this site. If you find anything of value herein, please let me know where I screwed up, because the valuable crap I probably ought to try to sell.

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