Olathe District Schools Turf Field Usage

Sorry Youth Option Football fans for the brief local issue below. This is my only WordPress blog, and it had a better on-line petition tool than blogspot.

Our school district last year installed really sweet artificial turf fields on the main practice fields at each of our four local high schools. The only problem is, they also installed gates and locks.

So what used to be available space for youth sports programs is now space for rent. And not many kid football teams are ready to fork over the $51.50 per hour that the district wants.

This isn’t Armageddon or anything. A few of us just don’t think the fields at our public schools are really being utilized as well as they might. A school board member asked me to gather the names of some of those like-minded folks, so the petition below is the result.

To qualify as a petition signer, believe what the petition says and be an Olathe School District taxpayer. That’s it.

When you sign the petition, an e-mail is generated and sent to you, to confirm your e-mail address. I’m not giving the e-mail addresses to the school board or anybody – but just letting them know that these are real people signing this, not spammers or bots. Sorry that’s a necessary step, but I will only give them the names of confirmed folks.


This petition is now closed.

End date: Aug 25, 2011

Signatures collected: 77

77 signatures
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