This site is dedicated to youth football coaches everywhere. My hope is that this becomes a helpful site for youth coaches that want to teach option football.

Whether you’re running veer, wishbone, flex, pistol, I, or any other formation, I want this site to help you teach the option play. Triple, double, zone read, counter option, speed – whatever you call it, and however you do it, I want to explore it.

I think the option is one of the prettiest running plays in all of football. A well executed option play is breathtaking. There’s a ‘now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t’ quality to the play that makes fans gasp as the play happens.

You’ve heard it – that momentary, collective intake of breath by hundreds of fans at once? It happens when the running back gets the ball in space, just after a quarterback avoids a crashing defender and pitches the ball. The fast kid has the ball, and the fans are getting ready to yell. It is, literally… breathtaking.

If you feel as I do, that there isn’t a prettier play in football, and that you’d like to learn more about teaching it, then you and I should get ready to do this together. Over the coming months and years I will be posting anything and everything I see and hear about youth option football.

Most of the stuff on this site will be free. I may try to sell a few things too – we’ll see how that goes. But by and large I appreciate the time that you volunteer to teach football, and if anything I post adds to what you’re doing, then the mission is accomplished.

Stay tuned!

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