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Buy the Coach’s Review E-Playbook in PDF format for $6.00


This 95 page e-book contains the complete Youth Option Offense of four base plays, three constraint plays, two misdirection plays, and two play-action passes. There are also two advanced bonus plays that have been game winning plays for several teams. All plays and responsibilities are drawn and described for both left and right-running versions of the play. Each play is diagrammed against a typical 5-3 defense and against a 6-2 defense.

The Coach’s Review E-Playbook is designed to be a small investment for you prior to committing your team to an entire offense. The playbook will automatically come to you via e-mail and downloadable link. The PDF file itself is password protected by your e-mail address, and can’t be printed. A royalty-free print license copy for your entire youth football team is also for sale below.

Buy the Printable and Team Shareable E-Playbook in PDF format for $20.00

Save $6 on this product by entering the Coupon Code found that came with the e-mail that accompanied your Coach’s Review Copy! If you can’t find that e-mail, drop me a note using your original e-mail, and I’ll get it to you.


This is the same 95 page e-book as the Coach’s Review above – but this one is fully printable either by your players or a third-party printing company. It is licensed to be shared by one youth team, which includes all the players, parents, and coaches.

This version of the playbook has a custom copyright exclusion made specifically for your team. To generate that exclusion and get you the file, I will e-mail you upon purchase with the details that I will need. After I receive that information from you, I will generate the file and provide you with the downloadable link via e-mail. Please be patient, as the completion of this process can take a day or two, largely dependent on how fast you and I can exchange e-mails.

Buy a Clinic Review

I’ve done a couple of clinics for coaches from around the country on The recording from those clinics are available on-line for $10. They are each about an hour and 15 minutes. They give overviews of the entire offense, plus pretty substantial details about zone dive (bazooka) and the inside veer – what we just call Option. The second clinic gets into blocking schemes, Midline and Outside Veer.

And here are free previews for both of those clinics:

Preview of First Clinic

Preview of Second Clinic


The next step for the site are instructional videos and interactive tutorials. Stay tuned!