A Little Rocket

I added Rocket this year.

I’d messed around with a ‘quick pitch’ when we were a wishbone team just starting out, and had a power sweep for our entire time, and still do.

But I was speaking with another youth option coach a couple of weeks ago, and he convinced me that Rocket was a missing component.

Here’s a quick look at how it worked for us opening weekend. Note that the 3 tech isn’t even blocked. Since the nose had put himself in the gap, our guard made a choice to protect our quarterback, not certain the center could get there if the defender shot the gap. No complaints.

I was able to freeze the playback to see the pitch – our A back catches the pitch dead even with the defensive end. That’s a pretty good pitch for sixth grade I think.

Our playside tackle gets a finger on the OLB. Our split end whiffed when the CB came inside too hard and spun back to the outside – but that was fine. Our playside A back got a little interference with the DE, then went out to the OLB himself. We’d have scored from anywhere on the field I think.



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