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What Price Winning?

What’s it worth to win? Evidently, thousands. The report speaks for itself, and if you haven’t already viewed it, I encourage you to watch it all the way through. Even the uncomfortable parts. I wanted to turn away when the … Continue reading

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If You Choose, You Lose

Flexbone Association, a web site that I follow, just published a small blurb in advance of some camps they’re running. The article is here… …and the blurb says, in part: As a coach, you decide WHO gets the ball … Continue reading

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Basic Counting, First Option, and Second Option are on-line. Use the links at the top. What would you like to learn? Basic Counting is how we count players, First Option is about Inside Veer, Second Option is about Midline, Third … Continue reading

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All You Really Need

Then again, here’s all you really need to teach the game:  

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Site Plans

Updating this site will take a good sweet while. This is probably for the best, because if I wasn’t doing this late at night I’d be headed to the local sports bar to spend money I don’t have, or perusing … Continue reading

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This site is dedicated to youth football coaches everywhere. My hope is that this becomes a helpful site for youth coaches that want to teach option football. Whether you’re running veer, wishbone, flex, pistol, I, or any other formation, I want … Continue reading

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