The option offense works for youth football. You can teach it. I can prove it.

The information from this web site will help you teach your youth football players…

You don’t see much option football in youth leagues today. Too many coaches believe any or all of the following mythology about Option Football:

Option Mythology

  • Youth teams can’t run the option
  • Your quarterback will get killed if you run the option
  • The option takes too much time to teach
  • Option teams fumble too much
  • You have to have a (insert type of player) ______________  at (insert position of player) _____________ in order to run the option.

Option Reality

  • You can start running the double option in 3rd grade, and the triple in 4th.
  • Running quarterbacks are no more likely to get hurt than tailbacks or any other back. In six team-seasons, encompassing 50+ games, we’ve had quarterbacks sit out about four plays total due to being banged up.
  • The triple option actually takes less time overall to teach, because it gives you three different outcomes teaching just ONE play. That’s a three to one teaching-time advantage over nearly any other play that you can teach.
  • Option teams don’t have to fumble much more than any other type of running team. In the last three years, our team that ran the option the most, fumbled the least.
  • We have every type of player that you can imagine, all at various positions. Certain qualities are useful of course – but the option play is an ‘equalizer,’ giving lesser players the chance to succeed against superior athletes.

Thanks for having a look at this site.  I’m Jim Adam, husband, dad, computer programmer, and youth football coach. Those jobs are listed in the order of my wife’s preference. I suspect you might be here because you are a football coach. We have that in common.

I started coaching when I was in high school in the 1970’s, helping out my younger brothers’ teams. I coached running backs for my oldest son’s youth team a few years ago – he finished his college football career recently – and a few years ago began coaching my youngest son’s team. Most recently I’ve been afforded several opportunities to coach kids that aren’t related to me – the whole history is linked right here.

We’ve won our share of games,

Not What It’s All About (But Fun Anyway)

and had plenty of fun along the way.


From one team of 16 players in 2008, to four teams & 70 players in 2010!

I decided to create this site to help you – youth coach – install, teach, and run an option attack with your young football players. Or maybe even defend against an option attack, if you know that you’ll be playing against one. The website may morph into other things as well, but by and large, that’s the purpose.

How to Use This Site

The best plan for you to learn more about Youth Option Football is to start out reading the pages that span the top of this site. Basic Counting, and the Options, First, Second, Third, and Fourth will give you a solid overview of the way that we teach option football to kids as young as eight years old. This may be all the information you ever need, so off you go, you are very welcome.

If you need more help, I have a highly readable free PDF report called Teaching the Option to Youth Football Players, available under the menu heading Free Stuff. This site is very clever that way.

The next menu option will be Cheap Stuff. I expect to offer custom playbooks, video teaching tools for assistant coaches, cheat sheets, an Option-On-Me system, key companion plays – basically you’ll be able to purchase all the stuff that I wish I’d had from the beginning.  I don’t have anything there yet. But when I do, if you buy some of that cheap stuff from me, three really exciting things will happen.

First, you will save some serious time, as opposed to trying to reinvent the wheel. Most of us have other jobs, other kids, and other obligations that prevent us from spending as much time on football as we’d like.

Second, you WILL be successful implementing an option offense for your football team. And you won’t take as many false steps as I did.

Finally, and most importantly, you’re going to be standing on the sidelines or behind the huddle some day, and your offense is absolutely going to befuddle the opposing defense. When that option pitch goes out to your wide open back with perfect timing, and he turns the corner and is GONE – you’re going to feel pretty good. Trust me. I felt pretty good when it happened for me. It never gets old. There is a huge satisfaction in teaching kids things that very few other youth coaches even attempt. And to see them execute it perfectly? It is just an awesome feeling.

I will use the Blog area of the site as a spot for articles about all things football, youth, and option. Have blog, will opine.

Why YouthOptionFootball.com?

Have you looked over option football sites? They’re out there. Some of them have links over on the right. If you know of some other (or have one yourself!) send it along and I will put up a link. But a common problem for most that I’ve seen is that they are written for high school or college coaches.

Let me put it this way Coach – how many 4-3 defenses did you run into this year? Seen lots of two deep safety looks for your fourth graders have you? No?

Me neither. We see 5-3, wide tackle 6, GAM, 6-5… just about everything except 4-3 and 3-4. And yet, what is EVERY option play you see on the Internet drawn up against?  The next time I see two safeties on first down will be the first time in six seasons.

Heck, those high school and college coaches I would think KNOW what they’re doing. Where’s the help for us, the dads? I couldn’t find it, so I decided to write it.

My pain will be your gain.

I WON’T promise that you’ll win all your games. I don’t know a thing about your kids, your defense, your coaching ability, your opponents – there are quite a few factors involved in winning. If you’re looking for a magical system that will produce championships, you should probably have a look at some other football guru’s site that’s willing to make that claim.

I’m happy to answer your e-mailed questions. You can reach me by writing to CoachJimAdam(at character)gmailDOTcom. (Sorry for the spelled out version of my address – just trying to prevent the inevitable spam.)

Speaking of spam, the spam comments I’m getting are severe. Most of you don’t care to comment on the stuff I’ve written and that’s fine – but 15 out of the first 15 comments that landed on this site were spam.  So, I’m sorry, you’ll have to log in to WordPress to write a comment. Or you can send me an e-mail if you want, and I can post it for you as a comment, if you really want it out there.

Update, 4/19/2013. The WordPress bot attack is hammering me (and many of us WordPress bloggers) with registrations. Spam doesn’t get through, but I’m getting dozens of nonsense users subscribing per day. So I turned the registration via this site off. If you want to register as a subscriber to the site to make comments and hear about changes, just send me an e-mail. Address is mentioned two paragraphs up.  ~JA

Thanks again for looking around. See the blog for my latest rants, and be sure to request your free PDF report, Teaching the Option to Youth Football Players.